Matterhorn Metal Roofing

Matterhorn Metal Roofing

We provide Matterhorn Metal Roofing

When we talk about roofing systems, then the most advanced amongst them is Matterhorn metal roofing. It is made up of high-grade steel and is 100% recyclable. These features are the most prominent ones, but you won’t require recycling them, as they will last three times longer than asphalt.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is a lifetime product and even if there is damage or improper maintenance, then your roof will still last for about 15 years. Thus, it is true that steel roofing surpasses the life of the asphalt.


In Denver, you can very quickly find metal roofing installation done in many homes. It is the most realistic and durable alternative to wood shakes, clay tile, and slate. With the use of advanced techniques and applications, the metal roofing in Denver is colored to appear like authentic slate, wood shakes or clay tiles. This coloring technique has its separate warranty, which says that if the color fades in the first ten years, then the roofing will be free for you. If it fades in the next 20 years, then you’ll get back 50% of the amount spent. You will not get fantastic color warranty with any other product.

The best part is, that Matterhorn metal roofing is energy efficient residential roofing, which comes with class 4 impact resistant shingles. It is the highest possible grade for the resistance to hail. When you pair this metal roofing installation with the synthetic underlayment, then you will also get “class A” fire rating with metal roofing in Denver. It will give you peace of mind regarding the protection of your home and you can also get some discounts on home insurance premiums. Now, with protection against fire, you will even get a 130 mph wind warranty. So, you can never get a better roofing system than this energy efficient residential roofing!


We Always Maintain Our Quality

At, Capital Roofing and Restoration, we do take care of your need and expectations from your roofing system. Thus, our experienced and qualified roofers provide you the much needed assistance for choosing and installing the perfect roof for your home.

With matterhorn metal roofing you can proffer the service to your home that it surely deserves. Compromising with your roofing system will not only spoil the facade of your home but also increase your expenses for maintaining a low quality roof.

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