Asphalt Shingles Installation

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shinglesare installed on 95% of residential roofs in Colorado. There are three main catagories.

Three Tab- Not our prefed choice. These are one layer asphalt shingels can not whithstand the winds of some ares of our state and are more prone to weather related damage.

Architectual / Dimensional Shingles- The new standard in residential roofing. Installed on most new construction houses. It is a three layer shingle that can sustain hurricane force winds. Also comes in an impact resistant variety that can withstand mid sized hail.

Designer Shingles- much thicker and heavier shingels that mimic wood shake shingles, tile and slate. It is reported that these shingles can add 20% to the price of your house. As far a return on investment for home improvements designer asphalt shingles from GAF rank close behind kitchen and bathroom renovations. These small upgrade costs can have a huge inpact on your roofs longevity but also houses appearance, value and resale potential. The best part is these costs can be financed for zero money out of pocket for 24 months or small monthly fees as we have partnered with Syncrony financing (formely GE Financing).

Warranty and Shingle warranties TAB

From Capital Roofings inseption we have partnered with GAF the second largest manufacturer of shingles. The offer manufacture backed warranties in several different categories to their elite level contractors. 4 years abo we were selected to apply for the Master Elite program. After an interviews, background checks and review of our insurance and financials we were selected to become a GAF Master Elite Contractor. This honor is offered to less than 2% of the roofing contractors
We feel that GAF’s shinges are the most astetically pleasing with shaded gradiant that best mimic natural wood shake. The real reason that we were so pleased to parner with GAF was their industry leading warranties. Their warranties cover materials but also cover LABOR when there is a manufactures defect – GAf is the only manufacture to offer this warranty. GAF just released what no other manufacture is going to be able to offer- The Silver Pledge- This warranty covers material and labor for manufacture defects but also if there is any labor issues for TEN years!!!

Capital Roofing & Restoration is factory-certified to install the best system: the Weather Stopper® 5-Part Roofing System. This roof system goes beyond keeping the weather out; it is designed to provide balanced ventilation of your home, which can help in many ways, including a) reducing energy bills; b) preventing structural deterioration; and c) even helping to reduce premature peeling of interior and exterior paint and wallpaper.