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If you are looking for the most cost effective and impactful way to transform your house- Painitng is your answer. Each year Capital Roofing and Restoration paints over 25 homes and ever time we are amazed at how the property is rejuvenated. Even when the color is the same as previously applied a fresh coat of paint is a game changer.

It doesn’t matter if you want us to paint a single room or the entire home, you can count on Capital Roofing and Restoration to provide sprompt and professional customer service. Our house painting teams in Denver, CO are experienced in both exterior and interior painting. Weather in Colorado is unforgiving, the large swings in temperatures and 300+ days of sunshine at altitude cause paints to fade and deteriorate faster than other parts of the country. Our Painters are certified with Sherman Williams and use products and techniques tailored for Colorado’t tough conditions.

With Capital, you don’t have to worry about anything, just relax and we will do the rest! We can match existing colors or assist in designing a whole new color scheme.

If Painitng is being preformed as part of a larger claim that invlolve roofing and gutters the painting will be preformed last. This is so the shingle installers don’t scuff or damage the softer fresh paint especially with the installation of new flashing materials.

It is rare for the insurance company to pay for the whole house to be repainted as hail falls in one direction and thus ususally effects one or 2 sides of the house. We always encourage homeowner to paint the house in its entirety and offer financing options to assist in these instances.

In addition to interior painting we also drywall repairs and patching and “popcorn” ceiling texture removal.

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