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Roofing insurance claims in Denver are on the rise and Capital Roofing and rRestoration has the expertise to guide you through the process from start to finish. We are your one stop shop for all insurance claim, readjustment or storm inspection and analysis of your roof, property or business.

People who live in the hail prone areas must know the procedure of filing an insurance claim but more importantly they must have a trusted advisor assiting them along the way. The professionals at Capital Roofing and Restoration have been helping the residents in Denver and the surrounding front range communities for many years in providing help filing claims and advising during insurance adjustments for hail storm damage insurance claims, wind insurance claims or roof insurance claim.


Some Tips For Filing Roof Damage Insurance Claim Effectively:

• If you’ve recently experienced a storm and are noticing leaks or broken windows you must prefrorm temporary repairs immediately. The insurance company will reimburse you for these repairs or pay a reasonable invoice from a licensed contractor. It is your duty as an insurance policy holder to prevent future damage. If you had a leak in your roof from a storm and didn’t repair it for a few weeks and say a month later there was a big rainstorm and the leak damaged your hardwood floor. In this instance the insurance company wouldn’t cover the expense of repairing the floor. However if you had put up a tarp over the damaged portion of the roof and it still leaked then they would cover the expense of the tarp and the hardwood floor because you made a reasonable effort to prevent future damage.


• If you had personal property that was damaged by the storm- Hot tub cover, patio shade cloth or umbrella, solar lights, bird houses, weather stations…. Please set these damaged items aside for the adjuster to inspect and document the damage. You can also take pictures of the damaged items but having them onsite is always better.


• Before filing the storm damage insurance claim or hail storm damage insurance claim, you must discuss your claim with an industry expert. They must physically get on the roof and inspect the attic (if possible) and inspect the entire property (siding, fencing, deck, windows, gutters, siding, other structures). They should also have proof of insurance, you don’t want to be liable if they get injured on your property. Even though the storm seemed bad in your area doesn’t mean you have enough damage to warrant a claim. Sometimes your deductible is greater than the damage amount and thus it is not worth filing a claim as youll have to come out of pocket to cover the deductible amount. In that instance it is better to wait for a bigger storm or make adjustments to your insurance coverage prior to the next storm. Capital Roofing and Restoration would be honoured to give you a through assessment of the damage to your property and assist with calling in your claim. We will be honest with you and tell you what you can exactly expect from your insurance claims.


• After your claim has been filed you will receive an adjusters appointment. We prefer to attend these adjustments to make sure the insurance company sees all the damages that we did during the initial inspection. Also our goal is to get the adjuster to document and approve all the damage to your business or home. The goal is to return your property to pre loos condition. It is much easier to get painting, gutters and code items approved during the initial inspection than have to reschedule an adjustment and have the insurance company come back out to the property. Some home owners participate in these inspections but most insurance companies prefer to do the assessment and then discuss the damages that were found and that we agreed upon with them.


• The adjuster then writes up an estimate using xactimate pricing software that uses line item labor and material pricing for every zipcode in the USA( for a roof- the line items will be about 15 items including: Shingles, underlayment, flashings, ridgecap, chimneys, skylights…) They will also issue to the first check (ACV) that is to be used as a down payment for the contractor. They will reduce the payment by your deductible and also leave a portion to pay the contractor when all the work is complete (recoverable depreciation).


Sometimes the adjuster will create this estimate and issue payment while at your house othertimes they complete the report at their office and the check is mailed to you and will arrive in one to 2 weeks.


• When we have the estimate we can begin the restoration process. The fun part of the process is picking colors and products that not only repair your house but imrove it. Our project managers can assist with design help if you are looking to switch colors of your shingles or paint we have sortware that can show you what your house would look like with different colors and styles of materials..


• Throughout the repair process your project manager will be supervising each of the crews that are preforming work. They make sure that the materials are on site, that the crew is showing up ontime, that repairs are being done propertly and that no short cuts are being taken, they mak sure that the job site is clean and safe throughout and at the end of the day.


Your project manager will also make sure that your permits are onsite and will meet with the city inspector and will set ladders for the inspectors to inspect the roof if the city requires it.


They will document any additional damage that the insurance company missed or that wasn’t visable at the time of adjustment. They will document that the roof repairs were completed per code so that the insurance company can pay for these supplemental items.


• After all repairs are completed the insurance company will release their final payment (remaining depreciation, permit fee, supplemental items, code items).This check always goes to you so you are in full control of the process. When we receive our final payment we issue the Manufacture warranties and any lien releases that your mortgage company might require.


I know the process sounds very complex but it isn’t as we are experts in what we do. We have some clients whom simply pick out colors or who live out of state and all work is preformed via email and fax and we have other customers who want to claim on the roof during inspection and throughout the building process. We are here to serve and guide you through the insurance claims process.


Most insurance policies only cover (pay for) damage that is reported and repaired within 12 months of the date of loss (the storm).


So don’t delay Call the Experts at Capital Roofing & Restoration. (720) 542 8715