Roof Inspection Certification

Roof Inspection Certification

Due to there being so many hail storms in Denver, roofing certifications are now being required for the purchase of a house. All lenders require that a home inspection takes place to make sure that the major systems of the house are operational and to code (furnance, foundation, water heater, gas, fireplaces, electrical…), it is now very common to also require a separate roofing certification. We have found that most home inspectors lack an indepth knowledge of roofing systems and local code requirements. These inspectors can identify the obvious issues of missing shingles or large hail strikes, but it takes a trained eye to be able to inspect a roof so you can certifiy its condition for 5 years. Furthermore home inspectors are unable to provide a written warranty that covers leaks or damages in the future. Buyers, their insurance companies, and their mortgage company are looking to protect their investments and a roof certification can provide that warranty and peace of mind.

If you are selling your house it is best to do a roof inspection and certification at the beginning of the house listing process. In most instances our inspections and certifications are done on the same day that we are notified to inspect a property. We can even do most small repairs onsite or within a few days. However if your inspection/certification reveals wind or hail damage that we feel will be covered by your insurance the process can take a few weeks. We have expertise in expediting the building process in these instances and know the neuances of working with the mortgage companies and real estate agents so the process is very seemless. We have assisted many sellers be able to increase the list price of their houses because a brand new roof (paid for by the insurance company) was being installed. We have also had numerous deals where the buyer of the house gets to pick the color of the roof which makes everyone happy.

Of the dozens of inspections we do each month and buyers want the piece of mind to know that the house they are purchasing has a roof that will protect their investment and their posessions for years to come. Sellers provide a roof certification to expedite the process and increase the offer price.

A roof certification includes inspection of the following:

• The overall health of the shingles – looking for torn, scuffed, hail damaged, rodent
or vermin damage, heat blistering, excessive granular loss
• Quality and condtion of the ridges, valleys and flashings
• Condition of Accessories and roof penetrations- Skylights and swamp coolers are
the #1 leak spots followed closing by bathroom exhaust fans and then pipe boots.
• Inspection of the gutter system
When ever possible we also check the attic for
• Possible movements, sagging deck or soft spots in decking
• Any signs of leekage into the attic (stained roof decking, stains on rafters, mold
• we look for proper attic ventilation and properly installed insulation

This inspection can take 30 minutes to a few hours. We prefer homeowners to be present but we can preform the roofing inspection on our own and can use a lockbox to inspect the attic if you desire. We take pictures and write a report of any suggestions and provide before and after pictures of any repairs that we preform.

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