Roof Inspection Certification

Roof Inspection Certification

Service Overview

If you’re in the market for a new home, your lender will likely require an inspection of the roofing system. At Capital Roofing & Restoration we’re happy to provide free roof inspections for realtors and house hunters.  

We also provide this same service to people who are wanting to sell their homes. This will allow you to provide your listing agent a copy of the roof certification, which can be passed onto potential buyers.

Sellers who can provide a roof certification to prospective buyers often find this can expedite the sales process.  


A roof certification includes inspection of the following:

The overall health of your shingles

An inspection of flashing and fascia

An inspection of skylights 

A full inspection of your gutter systemAn evaluation of roof ventilation

A proper inspection can between 30 minutes and several hours. Although we prefer the homeowner to be present during the time the inspection is performed, we can also do the inspection when you’re not home (as long as we’ll have access to the lockbox, so we can inspect attic ventilation.)

We’ll also take photos, and we’ll provide you with a full report of our findings.  

Click here to download our Real Estate and Roofing Certification Pamphlet