Signs you’re not talking to a reputable roofing company in Denver

Roof repair can be expensive. Roof replacement will cost you even more. If you’re in a place where you need to have some work done on the top of your home, it’s important to hire a licensed, reputable service provider to ensure the job gets done right.

For this blog post, the experts at Capital Roofing & Restoration wanted to discuss some of the signs that may indicate that the company you’re talking to isn’t legit.

They don’t have an online presence

In today’s fast-paced digital age, every company has a website—in fact, a few weeks ago we came across a Girl Scout troop that had set up an e-commerce website to sell some cookies. If the 9-year-old girl next door is selling cookies online, and the person who wants you to hire them to do a roofing job doesn’t have an online presence, this is a huge red flag.

A legitimate company will be licensed and insured; when a company is licensed, you’ll be able to look them up, online, using their license number. At the very least, a company should have several social media pages including but not limited to Yelp, Facebook and Google+. You should also be able to find them on the BBB website, along with other reputable websites such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor.

They’re going door-to-door to solicit business

A reputable roofer does not spend his or her time going door to door in hopes of drumming up business. In fact, if someone is going through your neighborhood, knocking on doors, there’s a good chance that person is a scam artist. It’s not at all unusual for con artists to make their way through parts of town that have been hit by a recent storm. In some cases, the homeowner will think that having someone ring their doorbell, just when they were about to call a roofer, is an act of good fortune. They couldn’t be more wrong.

There are countless horror stories on the Internet about people who hire these types of solicitors, only to have the person take a deposit and disappear. Or, in some cases, the job is left half done. If the work has been completed, it’s often not done right.

Ultimately, the homeowner will have no other recourse than to hire a local, reputable roofer to fix what wasn’t done properly. This is as time consuming as it is expensive.

They won’t put anything in writing

Lastly, a Denver-based roofing company should be more than willing to provide you with a written estimate. By “written estimate” we mean a legitimate estimate- one that has the company’s name, address and contact info on it, along with a full breakdown of costs related to labor and material. An estimate that’s scrawled on a post-it note doesn’t count. 

In closing

If you need help with roof repair or roof replacement in Denver, CO, call Capital Roofing and Restoration today to speak with a licensed roofer you can trust.

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