Choosing an Eco-Friendly Roof

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Choosing an Eco-Friendly Roof

As more homes go up in the Denver area, it’s important to consider how our homes are affecting the landscape. We all want to reduce our impact on the environment, and a little-known way to do that is to consider environmentally friendly roofing options for your new home or roof replacement service.

First, it’s important to think about what materials satisfy three key aspects of an eco-friendly roof: durability, energy efficiency and material. When it comes to durability and saving energy, many opt for metal roofs. These not only reflect light but also last virtually forever by today’s standards, beyond fifty years on average. They’re also recyclable if the time ever comes to replace them. Light reflection also is a factor in roofing options that are light-colored. There is roofing material refereed to as ‘cool’ roof, which can reflect most sunlight and improve air conditioning efficiency inside the home. This, by extension, saves energy and money for the homeowner.

In Colorado, traditional shingle or shake roofs dominate the market. And today, most shingles are actually recycled materials reclaimed into new shingles for new homes. Clay roofing options are also a good option, especially when tiles are reused. Slate is also a common roofing material to use over and over again, and fits well with any latin-inspired home design plans. Rubber roofing is also coated with slate and can last as long as a metal roof. Those do very well in harsh weather.

Eco-friendly, cost effective and durable corrugated roofing options also do well in various inclimate weather conditions. And, they often come in a wider variety of more stylish options nowadays. But the most complimentary roofing option for the environment, is of course, what’s commonly known as a ‘green roof’. That’s when various parts of the roof are fitted with plants or vines that can indeed thrive on the roof of your home and give back to the air outside and offset your home’s carbon footprint.

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