Creating a Rooftop Garden

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Creating a Rooftop Garden

If you’re feeling a little cramped in your home and lack backyard and side yard space, your inner gardener may be able to realize their dreams with a rooftop garden. Not only can rooftops be a great use of space for growing household herbs, flowers, and small vegetables and fruit, but they’re also spaces that draw and retain heat all year long.

First, it’s important to check local ordinances in your area to determine whether a rooftop garden is a plausible and legal project for your home. If everything seems good to go, it’s time to start planning exactly where and how large your rooftop garden will be. This is the stage where you’ll want to find and hire an architect and/or specialized contractor to provide expertise on your project from the start. Our experts at Capital Roofing are trained to replace and repair your rooftop, and know their way around any type of roof. We’re also dedicated to serving our neighbors in Colorado, and have the local expertise to help tailor your projects and wishes to your area and home’s needs.

When building your home’s rooftop garden, think light. That’s in terms of building materials, since a heavy structure right on top of your home can pose serious risks to your family’s safety and roof’s integrity throughout Colorado’s relatively extreme seasonal shifts. Consider materials like fiberglass, foam, and plastic as well as potting soil that’s listed as ‘lightweight’ on the bag. You’ll want to make your rooftop garden as wind-proof as possible while letting just a bit of air flow inside to affect the plants in their growth stages.

Then, consider how you’ll water your plants. This goes along with how accessible your garden is, whether it be via a rooftop balcony or basic rooftop access. Creating a water source requires a different set of expertise, but incorporating it into your roof’s finish and design without damaging hoses or water containers over time would require the advice of an expert roofer like those at Capital Roofing.

What’s your home improvement dream? Let us know, and we’ll help you work to make it come true.

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