Denver Colorado’s Green Roof Debate

It’s called Initiative I-300, and Denver’s getting ready to vote on it. At Capital Roofing, we won’t renounce or endorse the initiative itself, but as roofing experts, we feel it’s important to address in the commercial roofing industry.

The initiative focuses on what are called green roofs,which are exactly what they sound like. In Denver, the grassroots movement (no pun intended) by Act Blue aims to install thriving ecosystems atop the city’s tallest buildings, apartment complexes and commercial spaces. The argument for a green roof is embedded in the reality that cit growth often means the natural environment shrinks. This essentially means a loss of habitat for native species of plants and animals, and in a lot of cases, an isolated increase in heat energy where the city begins to build up. That’s from asphalt streets, concrete surfaces, and other materials that keep our city standing strong.

Arguments against green roofs often bubble up when it comes to costs and the realities of growing certain species on a surface like a rooftop deck. Because Denver’s climate is overwhelmingly dry (even more so with consistent heat waves in the summer months), it may be difficult to maintain more than a list of select high-desert plant species on green roofs across town. Plus, the general cost of installing green roofs are unsurprisingly a turnoff for building managers. However, official reports on the initiative show it would not raise taxes for Denver residents. The initiative does have the possibility of raising rent, according to local media, but it all comes down to to potential regulations attached to green roof requirements.

At Capital Roofing, we specialize in roof repair and installation and are dedicated to getting homeowners the best bang for their buck. Plus, we’ve already asserted ourselves in eco-friendly aspects of our business, from utilizing the latest roofing technologies to create energy-efficient roofing solutions for our customers to guiding inquiries into solar panel installations (which are growing in popularity across Denver and the Front Range), we’re not one to shy away from adopting green initiatives. With the green roof initiative, it’ll be up to Denver’s registered voters to see if our community wants to edge down that path. But until then, we’ll continue to offer the very best service when it comes to traditional roofing materials. Call us to schedule an appointment or consultation today.

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