Raising the Roof in Denver Colorado

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Raising the Roof in Denver Colorado

We all know the allure of a big, beautiful home. But what’s even better is the unique luxury of walking into a room with vaulted or high ceilings and feeling like the space is so much bigger than the tape measure would suggest.

Even though our speciality at Capital Roofing is making your home improvement dreams a reality up on the roof, we can’t forget the layer just below it. And in many homes, the key to tasteful, impeccable interior design has to do with what’s just above eye level.

In Denver, a big trend that isn’t going anywhere soon is the exposed-beam or open ceiling concept. In residential spaces, these often manifest as metal or wooden accents on a ceiling’s corners or built out as visible cross-beams to add dimension and color. In commercial spaces and more urban areas, painted or original ductwork is often left exposed, along with poles that hold up space lighting and fluorescents. These kinds of accents not only add historic or decoratively worn-in vibe to a space, but also add a bit of character and credibility to its structural integrity or manufactured functionality.

To utilize the space to it’s fullest potential, consider adding functionality to low-traffic wall space or higher-reaching areas in your home. For the booklovers, a library reachable by ladder or staircase. For natural light gurus, long, flowing drapes that reach from floor to ceiling despite the size of the windows behind them. There are many possibilities to either create the illusion of a stretched space or cozy, comfort-filled home.

Next, consider the best lighting to use when your ceilings reach higher than most. Oftentimes, a light placed too high up can actually cause a space to feel darker. Whether your bulbs hang down on extended wires or you consider adding supplemental light at eye-level, be sure to make the area nearest your own eyes the brightest, for ease and an inviting environment for all.

The last high-ceiling design trend to consider is to add color or a sort of crown molding to the space for dimension and setting the mood. If you want your space to feel open and airy, consider a pale yellow or blue-sky color. For dramatic and powerful spaces, opt for a deep purple, beige or even slate, depending on your light sources and window placement.

To keep your indoor space safe and comfortable year-round, turn to Capital Roofing for all your exterior, roof-related repairs, replacements, remodeling, and home improvement projects. We’re happy to serve our clients on the Front Range! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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