Ready for Winter : Ice Damage & Gutter Clutter

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Ready for Winter : Ice Damage & Gutter Clutter

In Colorado, we know how to do winter. But, you’d be surprised at how many homeowners don’t properly prepare their home’s exterior for the colder elements—especially their roof.

Two of the most common forms of damage that requires roof repairs come spring time are broken or damaged gutters and leftover damage from snow and ice. Whether it manifests in cracked shingles, bloated and cracked drainage pipes, or direct damage from icicles as they melt and fall off homes after a storm, your home’s roof takes the brunt of any weather change and ultimately keeps your home’s structure and family safe. At Capital Roofing our job is to make sure that first line of defense stays as strong as possible, year-round.

Ice-filled gutters or other forms of ice blockages are the most common cause of roof damage and often lead to leaks inside your home. These can be avoided by two levels of regular maintenance. One is clearing or even removing your gutters before winter to avoid ice forming around things inside, like leaves or other debris. Second, clearing any snow or ice buildup as snowstorms move through is important. Of course, this kind of work should be saved for when conditions are generally dry and sunny, after a storm clears. We wrote another blog last month about safety and working on your roof if you have any questions about how to go about it!

As we get closer to winter weather on the Front Range, it’s also time to think about scheduling an inspection for your roof. To avoid any lingering damage from last season, spot problems before they manifest into leaks and safety hazards, it’s good to plan preventative maintenance on your home’s roof rather than backtracking later.

And, it’s not worth waiting around for that service either. When it comes to performing work on your roof or ordering a repair service, waiting tends to cause bigger bills in the long run, and your safety is our first and biggest priority. At Capital Roofing, we offer repair diagnostics and services as well as roofing replacement that’s sure to last.

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