Spotting Leaks with Capital Roofing

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Spotting Leaks with Capital Roofing

If leaks are not spotted right away and find their way into your home, the bill for damages could skyrocket compared to what preventative maintenance or even a roof replacement could cost homeowners. That’s why finding potential and true leaks early on is important to maintaining your home’s value.

To find potential leaks you’ll need a few things for safety. First a reliable and bright light source that can easily be hung or propped if you need both hands to navigate spaces. And, because you’re often looking on your roof or in your attic, it’s best to have someone else present and helping assure your safety when checking for leaks.

If you can’t see any leaks with the light that’s available, use your flashlight while other interior lights are completely off, and attempt to use the contrast as a way of spotting inconsistencies or any outside light coming through at a leak area point. Be sure to also scour a space multiple times, since a once-over is often unsuccessful. If you still can’t see anything, shine your light down toward walls or the ground and see if any water droplets reflect the light. If you find water pooling in one place, it’s easy to go from there to pin down where it’s all coming from through your roof. If you keep the space quiet, you can easily perk up those ears and try listening for a consistent leak or water seeping or dripping from the walls.

From there, go outside and take a look at your pipes and gutters attached to your roof. This is more common after a snow-heavy winter season on the Front Range, but gutters can often be just as damaged after a lot of rain in the spring and summer and lead to water building up where it shouldn’t.

If you’re still having trouble finding where a roof leak originated, call us at Capital Roofing. We’re trained and experienced in finding and fixing these kinds of problems, and are happy to help when we can.

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