Top 5 Benefits of Tile Roofing

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Top 5 Benefits of Tile Roofing

A roof’s design adds style and function to the home’s exterior. Many homeowners find themselves having to consider a new roof during their lifetime. 

The right roof offers a way to change the aesthetic of your home while protecting it against damage. A new roof can also save you as much as 35% on your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

So which roof style is best for your home? Read on to learn the many benefits of a tile roof and how it can enhance your home. 

1. Tile Can Stand up to the Elements

Tile roofing is a great choice for homes that experience a range of weather conditions. This roof type stands up well to rain, snow, and extreme heat. It can also handle high winds and hail storms.  

Tile is a durable material that also helps to repel rain. This works to help avoid possible leaks and water damage to the home. Tile also gets class A fire rated, making it a safe choice for your home.  

2. Tile Compliments Any Style of Home

Roof tile designs come in a wide range of different colors and materials. This makes it easy to complement the existing design features of your home. 

Most tiles get made from concrete, clay, and slate. This means you can enhance any home’s design, whether going for a modern look or old-world elegance. Tiles can also mimic the look of other materials, like wood shakes.   

3. Tiles Are a Low-Maintenance Option 

A ceramic roof is a low-maintenance choice due to the sturdy material it gets made from. Tiles tend to only break under extreme pressure.  You’re also unlikely to have a problem with leaks. 

This material also doesn’t rot or get easily damaged by insects. For these reasons, most tile roof installers can offer you a great warranty. 

4. Tiles Are Better for the Environment

Roof tiles get made from recycled materials, without the use of chemicals. This makes tile a sustainable choice that is better for the environment.

Tile also helps to conserve energy and lower your cooling and heating bills. Tiles have natural reflective properties to turn the sun’s glare away from the home.

This works to control temperatures. It keeps the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Certain roof colors can also enhance this effect further.  

5. Tiles Can Last a Lifetime

Tile is an upfront investment, yet worth the cost in the long run. A well-maintained tile roof can last for 50 years or longer. Yet, those roofs kept in top condition tend to even go beyond 100 years. 

It’s important that your tile roof installation gets handled by a skilled professional. This ensures quality craftsmanship and installation techniques. 

Tile is one of the heaviest types of roofs, hence it’s durability. So, some homes may need structural work before installing a tile roof. It’s also important to ensure your home’s slope can support the tiles. 

You won’t often need repairs with a tile roof. Yet, an experienced professional should handle any such repairs. This is to ensure the tiles do not get broken. 

Adding the Perfect Tile Roof to Your Home 

A tile roof offers style, durability, and sustainability. It’s a low-maintenance roof choice that can last you a lifetime. 

With any roof installation, it’s key to pick the right roof company for your home project. This ensures the roof will get built to quality standards with long-lasting results. 

Learn more about how Capital Roofing and Installation can help with your new roof project.   

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