Why build a Roof-Top Balcony?

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Why build a Roof-Top Balcony?

At Capital Roofing, we’re happy to support those homeowners that go above and beyond to improve their homes and long-term investments, turning structures into lifelong homes and sanctuaries for their family and friends.

In Colorado, a rooftop deck is not necessarily the norm among tract homes, but often pops up in older, more historic neighborhoods or custom renovations and builds. Usually, an upper-level or rooftop deck will serve as an extension to a master bedroom space. This solution not only increases square footage in that particular space—a huge selling point for future buyers—but also provides a special, private space for whoever resides in the master bedroom in your home.

Plus, with over 300 days of sunshine on average in Colorado, a rooftop deck can be the perfect way to catch extra rays in the summer, watch the sunset in the fresh air, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. The possibilities are endless!

At Capital Roofing, we specialize in rooftop repairs, replacements, and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We’re here to help make your dreams a reality, as it pertains to your roof and it’s design and maintenance needs. If a rooftop balcony is a part of those dreams, contact one of our expertly trained roofers to ask about what might be possible in your home.

If your rooftop was not planned to have a deck from the start, the first things you’ll have to overcome is the slanted surface on which to install it. This can pose a challenge for many homeowners, since the cost of a balcony may be far more than expected as a retrofit project. However, with the right guidance, tools, expertise and planning, installing a rooftop deck doesn’t have to break the bank.

Plus, your rooftop deck does not have to be situated near the roof access point in your home. There are alternatives available to get your deck exactly where you want it.

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