Winterize your Denver Colorado Roof

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Winterize your Denver Colorado Roof

We won’t hide it. As the seasons change in the Mile High city and its surrounding areas, the roofing business is able to breathe a little easier. But, with slowed workflow after a heavy summer season comes a golden opportunity for savvy homeowners to take advantage of the convenience of wintertime roof installation.

In fact, the fall and winter months can be the perfect time to replace your roof. Wintertime upgrades and repairs are common to ensure heat does not escape the home during colder nights, and to save cash on winter heating bills. But a full replacement by our experts at Capital Roofing can assure you’ll see lasting effects for years to come and still get that perfect peace of mind once the snow really does start to come down here in Denver.

Plus, roofing in the winter is not as bad as you’d think. In fact, the heat can sometimes make matters worse for a roofer than cold or snowy conditions. Thought we make safety and quality our top priorities during installation and repair appointments, snowfall is generally drier than rain, so if it falls on the day of your appointment there’s still a chance the job could get done. Simply talk with one of our experts about the best course of action as we take Colorado’s ever-changing weather in stride this season. Only after multiple days of snow or on a windy day would we completely cancel an appointment and reschedule the service for a later date. Otherwise, adjustments can be made with temperature and sunshine in mind. Plus, experts are predicting a more mild winter ahead, and if they’re right, shingles should be able to bond almost all the way through the winter months, save a few select icy patches here and there. It all comes down to whether we can perform the job to the best of our abilities, safely.

As far as jobs that work best in the fall as temperatures drop, anything that calls for tearing off or re-skinning shingles are easy work as winter comes. They’re simple procedures that can go fast if temperatures are not as high, and can easily be put on hold if the weather changes. Certain types of roofing materials are also better for frostier installation appointments due to their ability to heat up. In the fall, it’s generally better to avoid white materials.

Adhesive material installations may suffer if temperatures drop below the freezing point, so those appointments can be made for fall or late winter days when the sun tends to make it’s way out regularly during the week. In these cases, the project is best done in a day to assure proper adhesion and lasting positive effects.

And if your home is in need of repairs, Capital Roofing can fix any kind of job, even temporarily, in order to revisit your home as temperatures rise again for a full and permanent repair.

Don’t let winter get in the way of your to-do list.

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