Roof Warranty 101: A Guide to Understanding What's Covered

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Roof Warranty 101: A Guide to Understanding What's Covered

Your roof is one of the most expensive repairs that you can do to your house.

This cost will depend on where you live and the size of your home, but even the lower end is a lot for most homeowners.

How often you need to redo your roof will depend on the materials you use, as well as the job that’s done. Since roof replacements and repairs are so pricey, you’ll want to be very careful about how you go about redoing your roof the first time.

Keep an eye out for quality materials, highly-skilled contractors, and roof warranties.

These are all going to save your wallet in the long run. You may be wondering what exactly a roof warranty covers.

To learn all about your roof warranty, keep reading.

There’s More than One Type of Roof Warranty

When it comes to the security and quality of your roof, there are a couple of different warranties available.

Installation or Workmanship Warranty

With an installation warranty, your coverage will depend on the job your contractor did while installing the roof.

You’ll also want to be careful when choosing a roofer or a roofing company because not everyone offers this warranty. Look for quality service as well as a warranty to ensure that your roof doesn’t become a money pit.

What’s covered?

If the contractor who did your roof messed up, this is covered under the installation warranty. For example, if your roofer forgot a step or didn’t cover a spot well enough and you get a leak, they’ll cover it.

It’s important to remember that workmanship or installation warranties often come with contingencies. Many warranties only cover repairs if you stick with the same roofer or roofing company.

The warranties are meant to stand by the roofing company’s work, so they are unlikely to help if you switch companies.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Where an installation warranty covers the roofer’s work, the manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials used.

It’s actually the most commonly used warranty for roofing. This can often be referred to as a shingle warranty as well. This warranty lasts for around 20-50 years.

What’s covered?

If the materials you used for your roof don’t do their job, you may be able to have the cost covered.

If the manufacturer made a mistake in the production of your shingles, this problem becomes their responsibility. If shingles aren’t made to be durable, they’ll often break down faster. The sooner your shingles break down, the more often you will need to have your roof replaced.

This is a very expensive home repair project. So, if there’s a problem with the materials, you’ll want to make a claim under the manufacturer’s warranty.

While a manufacturing problem is the most common cause of roofing warranty claims, it can be difficult to prove. It’s often assumed that a roofing problem is the result of the contractor. Because not all contractors offer a warranty, you may be left with covering the repairs yourself.

Get Your Roof Done Today

Who you hire to redo your roof is going to make a huge difference in your long-term spending.

To learn more about your roof warranty and our services, reach out today.

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