Tips to Hire a Qualified Roofer in Denver, CO

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Tips to Hire a Qualified Roofer in Denver, CO

If you’re a new homeowner who needs to hire a contractor for roof repair, or if you’ve owned your home for a long time and you’ve come to the realization that it’s time to reroof your home, you may be wondering how to find a qualified, experienced roofing company.

If you open the Yellow Pages, you’ll find tons of listings and if you do a Google search you’ll find even more. Each one claims to be the best roofer in Colorado, but you know that can’t possibly be true!

When it comes time to hire a roofer you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Ask if they’re licensed and insured

The most important thing to ask when you’re looking for a roofer is whether the company is licensed an insured. Yes, an unlicensed contractor will undercut the pricing of their competition but working with an unlicensed roofer comes with many, many risks. First, there’s no guarantee they won’t take your money and run. Second, there is no guarantee they’ll finish the job. Lastly, you probably won’t receive a warranty on workmanship or materials, which means if the work isn’t done right, you’ll need to hire someone else to fix whatever wasn’t done correctly. Never, ever hire an unlicensed roofer.

Do your homework

Make sure the roofer has an online presence. Do they have a Facebook page? Are they listed on Yelp or Google+? Do they have online reviews and if they do, are they positive? Online reviews are an invaluable resource when it comes to learning more about past clients’ experience with this company.

If you can’t find any online listings and you can’t seem to track down their business address, this is a huge red flag.

Get it all in writing

A reputable roofer will provide you with a written estimate for any and all work they plan to do. The estimate should include a breakdown of costs and labor. If they don’t want to provide you with something in writing, this is another red flag. Buyer beware!

The cheapest quote isn’t always the best quote

When you start to get quotes, don’t automatically pick the cheapest. Remember, your roof is among the most important components of your home, so you’ll want to make sure you hire a contractor who can get the job done right, on time and on budget.  Ask the roofer to provide you with several local references.

Superior roofing services in Denver

At Capital Roofing and Restoration, we only hire the best and most experienced roofers because we want our clients to have the best possible experience when they hire our company. We’re licensed and insured and we’re more than happy to provide you with a list of local references We stand by our work and we’re committed to providing high-quality roofing services at a fair price.

Regardless as to whether you need help with roof repair and/or roof maintenance, or you’d like a quote for reroofing, call us today at 720-542-8715 to speak with a local roofing expert you can trust.

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